From the vital characteristics of concrete Large Canvas Art Sale artwork, the china language of concrete piece of art is decomposed into fundamental vocabulary such as physical structure, structure, light and darkness, space, tone, tonality, mental atmosphere, thick and slim, dry and wet, in addition the general rules concerning the composition of real painting are revealed in the framework of about three methods: modeling language, color language and picture framework terminology.

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Beneath the logical thought regarding advocating technology, Western traditional Large Abstract Wall Decor oil painting pays much more attention to be able to the fake of things, in addition to the excavation of fuzy language is continue to inside the natural period. On the other hand, the particular hysteria of terminology still lurks behind typically the quest for "authenticity". This type associated with latent fuzy terminology offers furnished many helpful enlightenment for the advancement associated with modern essential Extra Large Contemporary Canvas oil painting. By simply means regarding the evaluation of very subjective language inside traditional essential olive oil painting, it may aid us just about all in order to comprehend the improvement circumstances of Western extra virgin olive oil part of art even more significantly. This means you may supply effective reference for your advancement of the current image Large Modern Abstract Art oil painting.

Usually the imaginative images in concrete works of fine art usually are identifiable. Greek sculptures, modern day realism and modern day super-realism are regarded given that common representatives with this particular sort of art since their own images are very simply like natural objects. Representational artwork widely exists inside of human being art actions, ranging coming from primitive cave murals inside The european countries to spiritual murals inside Renaissance, from Buddhist artwork in India in purchase to portrait bricks inside addition to rocks inside China, we all may possibly see such art works, which often is still the great crucial artistic style within artwork creation. Old European counterfeit theory, old Chinese picture concept in addition to D. De uma Vinci's remarks are actually identified theoretical expression regarding revolutionary art.

Large Abstract Paintings is becoming more and more popular. Today let's learn "two skills of oil painting".


Scraping the paint off the canvas or panel with the smooth edge of the oil knife is not only used to correct the picture, but also a valuable Large Canvas Art oil painting technique. When the paint is scraped, a blurred ghost formed by the remaining thin layer of pigments is left. According to this method, a work composed of the same texture layer can be drawn.

On the canvas, the knife scrapes out the protruding pigments, leaving behind more or less pigments trapped between the lines. When the substrate used is a smooth board, after scraping the pigments, it will leave a very flat, almost no texture of the pigments layer.

Whatever substrate you use, the effect of repeated scraping of pigments (each time you add pigments, you wait for a layer of pigments to dry) is impossible to achieve in any traditional way. James Whistler inadvertently developed this technique, because in portrait Extra Large Modern Painting, because he preferred to restart rather than cover, he often scraped the paint off at the end of a stage. After scraping the paint off the portrait of a girl in a white dress, he suddenly found that the picture looked light and transparent, which was the ideal effect of the exquisite and soft fabric he hoped to paint.

Scrape on a white base, the light of the bottom will be transmitted, and get the same effect as mask dyeing. If carried out on a colored background, this technique can make subtle changes in color.

Tang Ke's Method of Oil Painting Techniques

In some stages, a Abstract Painting Online Custom is often unable to continue because of the accumulation of too much paint on its surface. Pigments on any new painting will only mix with the pigments below, creating a frustrating turbidity, which will also affect the effect of previous pictures. When this happens, you can use the "Don't Ke Fa" to get rid of the excess paint on the screen. This method is named after Henry Tonks, a former painting professor at the Shredd School of Art in London. The specific method is: use an absorbable paper, such as newspaper or kitchen paper, to place on the area with too much paint or the whole picture, gently rub the palm on it and carefully uncover it. This method removes the superfluous pigments from the top layer of the picture and gives the picture a thinner and softer outline at the beginning, thus providing an ideal base for the next step.

Tang Ke method is very useful in portrait drawing, because it can remove the details while leaving the large structure of the head frame. Usually, slightly misaligned facial details, especially eyes and mouth, can destroy the similarity between the whole portrait and the object. In order to make them as accurate as possible, you will paint layer by layer and accumulate too much paint. Sometimes the Tang Ke method can be used to promote the completion of the painting, you just need a little more decoration, or even no change at all.

Pure hand-painted oil painting is a brush-by-brush painting by a painter. A  Large Abstract Wall Art needs to be created for several days or even a month, and the output is low. It belongs to pure hand-made, so it is doomed that its price can not be very cheap. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand-painted oil painting?

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Advantages of Hand Painting
1. Good picture effect
Hand-painted  Large Contemporary Canvas Art show people the natural side and look unintentional.

2. Long storage time
Hand-painted oil paintings have been preserved for quite a long time. There are many famous oil paintings in the world, which have a history of hundreds or even thousands of years. Therefore, hand-painted oil paintings have great collection value.

3. Strong decorative effect
Hand-painted oil painting has a strong artistic atmosphere, a tasteful oil painting can reflect the owner's elegant artistic temperament, give people a sense of extraordinary atmosphere, and beautify the owner's living space.

The Disadvantage of Hand Painting
1. Long production process
A painting usually takes three to fifteen days to produce. The production process is too long, so it reminds customers that a good painting is worth waiting for patiently.

2. The smell of new  Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art
The taste of new oil paintings is really a little hard to accept. Like newly decorated houses, painting can basically eliminate the taste of oil paintings in a month or two. However, there are also high-grade oil paints which are tasteless, but not yet sold in China. So many other painters have no business for this, and I have a headache for the question

3. Hand-painted oil painting is expensive
Hand-painted oil painting is really more expensive than spray painting and printing, and the cost of hand-painted oil painting is high, and the production process is cumbersome. If the cost of hand-painted oil painting can be the same as that of spray painting and print, I believe that hand-painted oil painting can definitely eliminate the oil painting of spray painting and print in the market.

Body is the most basic element of oil painting, which includes shape and volume. Shape refers to the spatial characteristics of the external image, and volume refers to the three-dimensional shape of the object. When describing objective images, the body has strong expressiveness, requiring the artist to grasp the shape and characteristics of the image, to have a keen visual response to the object and a profound expressive ability, to discover and excavate the hidden performance value and aesthetic meaning in the depth of the body.


In realistic Handmade Abstract Painting, texture is a very important element of expression. It can give people satisfaction and pleasure in sensory sense, and can make people have the desire to touch. Because texture can produce strong stimulation to vision, which causes people's excitement and impulse, realistic Large Modern Canvas Art has always been favored by the world. In modern painting art, the concept of texture has changed greatly. It is not only a vivid description of objects, but also a different expression of the texture of the materials used. The visual and interesting nature of the picture enriches the visual language and strengthens the spirit of the picture itself.

Color and shade are inseparable, and the relationship between light and shade is reflected by the brightness of color. Tone color can not only consider the brightness of color, the colorful world is composed of color, color is life. However, the perception of color varies from person to person. On the one hand, the weak color blindness, on the other hand, people's subjective emotions can directly affect the visual sensitivity to color, cold and warm, as well as people's likes and dislikes of different colors. Subjective color forms the painter's different color features.